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The internet is a labyrinth of pathways and intersections; Arrive untangles the web, providing you the quickest point from A to B.

More Users = Better Connections

* Let's be honest, we can make a lot of connections better - but not every connection.

By joining our network, you are helping us map a better gaming internet for everyone.

How to get started



file_download DOWNLOAD the Arrive app to begin.

Arrive requires:
  Windows 10 or 11



Run the Arrive - Installer.exe file to install Arrive.

Please Note: Arrive is built on the Overwolf app platform. Overwolf will be automatically installed with the Arrive installer.



Start a game of League of Legends and Arrive will do it's thing.

Feedback is helpful! Share your experience with the Arrive team in Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

🆓 Yes, Arrive is free to use for everyone!

We hope so! Arrive's efficacy depends on your ISP and location in regards to both the game's servers, and our network.

While our product works great right now for some players, others may see poor results such as doubling of ping.

Our network continuously grows as new data centers are added across the globe.

🌎 Arrive currently supports the following servers:

  • Europe Nordic East
  • Europe West
  • Latin America North
  • North America

Arrive currently supports League of Legends.

🔨 We are hard at work expanding our library of supported games.

Arrive's technology consists of our own network of datacenters and internet routes paired with our software client. We measure your connection to find the best paths to your ISP, our network, and the game servers.

In addition, we are developing proprietary network protocols that let us continuously improve the stability of the routes.

There are two reasons your ping in Arrive may not perfectly match the in-game ping.

Adjustment Value
On top of your baseline ping, League of Legends adds an additional 6.5 millisecond extra ping in most regions. This is just a flag value they add to their reporting of ping for legacy reasons.

- Some regions, such as Latin American North, no longer have this adjustment value. Others, such as North America, still have it for about half the games.

Ping Smooth Moving Average
As is common in many games, League of Legends has a built-in “ping smoothing” mechanism. Smooth Moving Average typically takes an average of the last 10 seconds or so of ping.

- A benefit of this mechanic is that with one quick look at the ping, a user can get a rough idea of what their ping has been for the last 10 seconds without jitter spikes disrupting the visual.
- A disadvantage is that the user isn’t truly getting an “accurate” display of their current ping, and won’t see jitter spikes when they occur.

As of right now, Arrive does not implement an Adjustment Value or Smooth Moving Average mechanic. What you are seeing in Arrive is your vanilla, raw (standard) ping through the Arrive network.

Arrive is in early access and as such we expect there to be issues, bugs, and certain incompatibilites that our team is diligently patching up.

👾 Here's a list of items we are aware of:

  • Malwarebytes flags Arrives services as "Website blocked due to compromised."

    Please add ArriveMarshal.exe as an exception to Malwarebytes. This file can be located here: C:\Users\%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Arrive

  • Call of Duty: Warzone menu crashes when Arrive is installed.

    Unfortunately you will have to uninstall Arrive to play COD at this time.

We appreciate your patience as we work at improving our software and providing the best experience we can. If you encounter any issues that are not listed here, please let us know in our Discord.